Seventh Day Home Church Fellowships is an association of Sabbath keeping home-churches and groups. It provides a vehicle for discussion, study, and a means of working together for various missionary projects. It seeks to answer the prayer of Christ that we all might be one, as He is one with his Father.

Live Services and Bible Studies

Join our weekly live broadcasts via tele-conferencing.

To join by Internet, click the following link http://www.webmeetinglogin.com/go/church/services

To join by phone, just dial the phone number (below) and enter the access code (below) when prompted. Click HERE to read more and for a schedule.



Join us every Sabbath at 6:00 pm EDT online or through the phone, starting August 29th, we will be studying a most important book, Gospel Workers, 1892 Edition.

Click here for a PDF copy of the book.

Click here for the reading schedule of Gospel workers.






1872 & 1889 Fundamental Principles of Seventh Day Adventists - Bible Study Guides