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I am Applying for: 1 Year Program; 1st Term; 2nd Term; 3rd Term; 4th Term

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What do you hope to learn at the Waldensian Center?

What do you hope to do with what you learn?

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Previous Education

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Spiritual Life

How long have you been a Christian?

Have you ever been arrested or charged for a criminal offense? If yes, please explain:

What denomination are you currently a member of?

If you're not a member of any denomination, what denomination do your beliefs define you as?

When did you accept this faith?

Have you ever been a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church? Yes No

What Spirit of Prophecy books have you read?

What evangelistic activities do you enjoy participating in?

Please provide at least two non-relative references, and let them know that we will be contacting them to ask about you.

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Waldensian Center as a School

Please check the buttons next to each statement that you agree with:
* I agree to the fact that Waldensian Center is not accredited and does not plan to be accredited.

* I know and accept that Waldensian Center is non-trinitarian, and holds the Biblical truth about the Godhead as one of their foundational doctrines.

* I agree that practical work is an important part of true education and therefore am aware that I will be involved in useful labor on a daily basis.

* I am willing to be part of the outreach to the community with the school for evangelistic endeavors.

* I agree to abide by the lifestyle standards given in the Bible and S.O.P while I am at the school.


Medical History

If you can not remember specific details fill it in the best you can.

None Bee Sting Poison Oak





Current Medications/herbs: None
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Current/Chronic Medical Conditions: None
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Past Medical Problems - Please indicate whether you have had any of the following medical problems and when you had them: None
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Asthma/Lung disease Kidney disease
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Other: (specify):


Surgical History: Please list all prior operations and when you had them

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Tobacco Usage:
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Recreational Drugs - Have you ever used?
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Alcohol Use - Have you ever used?
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Current Lifestyle

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My current exercise/activity level is: Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

My current weight is: Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

I have Have not: previously used diet or exercise to gain/lose weight.

I have Have not: previously used medication or supplements to gain/lose weight.

How would you rate your general health? Excellent Good Fair Poor